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6B Watches - THE BRAND

6B Watches - THE BRAND

For sale is the UK-registered watch brand 6B watches. Sale is for the brand name and logo only, to do with as the owner feels fit. It does not come with any equipment, complete watches or components. Any warranty work that may come along will be dealt with by myself until the last watches warranty expires.  The sale of 6B watches will come with the 6Bwatches.com domain and website.
So why am I selling 6B? 
Well, I've had a great few years with 6B but due to an abrupt end some time ago with my partner in the trade I cannot or rather, for various other reasons, do not wish to carry on.

As you may possibly know, I did things in very limited numbers. I was proud of the fact that I hadn't had to use any Asian-sourced components, instead opting to use materials of Swiss and German design. Using high quality materials was no small feat for a tiny brand like 6B! After all, how many other brands at 6B's scale have you seen using ETA 7750 etc! In the few years 6B has been running I have sold watches to some really great guys, many owning the full set of three models I have released. I have enjoyed interacting with collectors and crafting the unique case work and packaging that goes with each 6B model. Despite that, I know that now is the right time for me to move on.
I am nearing the end of the run of 'Scramble' watches which leaves me with one or two options. Though I have the means to do so, I cannot take 6B  to the next level alone. I could seek the general population's help via crowdfunding for a MK4 of some description although this option is not appealing to me. At the heart of it all, I just don't have the time or skill to manage a crowdfunded project. One of 6B's greatest USPs was that all packaging for my watches was designed and made by myself. An increase in orders just would not afford me the time or ability to continue this practice. I would need to buy off-the-shelf packaging. If you know me and my work, then you will know that I like to make my products interesting, exciting and as unique as possible! With an increase in volume for my watches, I could not undertake such a momentous task, much as I may wish otherwise.
Another reason me to end the 6B run is simple; I no longer have the same love, drive or ambition for the watch world I once had. As a one-man band, everything I do with 6B and GGB happens slowly! GGB has been my bread and butter for a long time now and that will be my priority from here onwards.
What is the 6B brand worth?
Well that's the 60,000 dollar question. I couldn't tell you what it is 'worth' but it is certainly worth something. There are many military watch buffs out there that know the name and logo for 6B are perfect for anything British Military related. Maybe you could take on the brand and produce a MK4!? Perhaps use it to sell surplus mil stock or collectors mil spec watches. Or maybe you just want to sell watch straps and accessories? There's so much that can be done with the brand, it just needs an excited, motivated individual (or team!) to make it happen. Maybe you have a few friends or members of the family with which to work with, share the purchase of the brand and really get some effort put into it. I would be happy to link any new site from the GGB website. GGB receives a high volume of traffic so the potential to 'be seen' is excellent!
I am open to discussion and offers on the brand. I know and understand the limitations of the brand and how far its reach spreads across the watch world so please don't be shy, I am not after big bucks! I have broad shoulders and you will not offend me. All offers will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and I would expect the same in return. 
Have you got what it takes to take 6B watches to the next level? I am just an email away either via the contact form here or gasgasbones1@googlemail.com
Thank you for reading.


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Wrist measuring guide
When measuring the wrist for your wrist size it is important to get this as accurate as you can to help save any issues with fit.

Please measure the wrist with the tape measure touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

Please do not be tempted to add any to the finished length. I build the straps around a metal wrist/Jig that I set to the wrist size you give me.

Lug-to-Lug explained

Simply measure from the centre of one spring bar or tube, across the watch (north to south) to the centre of the other spring bar or tube. This is your Lug-to-Lug measurement.

Strap Adjustment

Each gasgasbones strap is made to your wrist size. I incorporate around 10-15mm of adjustment in each strap for use between warmer and cooler days.



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