GGB Black cat - Best seller

GGB Black cat - Best seller

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Black Cat

Sorry, unavailable at this time. See below to be notified of availability

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Present lead time for all bespoke items is around

2- 3 weeks 


Depending on what is in front of your order this lead time may fluctuate either way a little so please be aware of this when placing an order. 

Please also note,  for all GGB BESPOKE goods the green IN STOCK tick only means I have materials to make up your order.

When I have reached capacity and to reduce backlogs I will close off orders to all bespoke made goods but you will then have the option to be notified when I 're-stock'


Lead time does not affect 'off the shelf' items such as Phoenix NATO's and tooling which will go at the next postal run from order date   

Emails : I get a lot of email which I struggle to keep on top of sometimes. I do try and answer in a timely manner but please give me a nudge again if I do not respond within a few days. 


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Wrist measuring guide
When measuring the wrist for your wrist size it is important to get this as accurate as you can to help save any issues with fit.

Please measure the wrist with the tape measure touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

Please do not be tempted to add any to the finished length. I build the straps around a metal wrist/Jig that I set to the wrist size you give me.

Lug-to-Lug explained

Simply measure from the centre of one spring bar or tube, across the watch (north to south) to the centre of the other spring bar or tube. This is your Lug-to-Lug measurement.

Strap Adjustment

Each gasgasbones strap is made to your wrist size. I incorporate around 10-15mm of adjustment in each strap for use between warmer and cooler days.


GasGasBones Black cat strap is the flagship strap in the GGB Range and is designed for larger watches like Bell & Ross and Panerai etc. It come with the GGB machined buckle of your choice as standard fit.

Available in Black, Light olive, NATO Green and Tan with a large range of stitch colour options to match your timepiece. The GasGasBones Black Cat strap comes with my home machined stainless steel buckle as standard fit. Due to the chunky nature of this strap ( 40mm wide ) the Black Cat works best on wrists of around 7" or around 180mm and above.

Available for 24mm lug widths ( keepers colour coded with strap ) or 22mm lug widths ( keepers in black )

BUCKLE OPTIONS FOR THIS STRAP - Please add the # hashtag buckle of your choice when ordering after looking HERE  and clicking the 'HOP UP BUCKLES' tab.

#3 and 4 have limited space for text !  Initials work well but long text is tricky. I will advise if unable to fit on the buckle.

Remember, the cost of the buckle is not wasted when the useful life of the strap is spent. Buckles can be sent back to me for refurb and refitting to your next GGB strap ! :-)

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If this is your first time here, GGB is run by just myself and it is usual for me to have sporadic opening times and to have various items enabled or disabled.  I need to do this to throttle orders and keep leads times to an acceptable level. If at any time I'm closed or you find an item 'out of stock' and you would like to be notified when I open up again then please use the 'be notified' function in any of the strap pages (under item price)  This will ping an email to you the instant I re-enable ordering.

I thank everyone for their continued support and patience.   Carl 'Bones' Evans

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