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  • I have integrated a forum within the GGB site. Its gaining more members all the time and has an easy 'vibe' with some great quality members posting interesting stuff.

    Please feel free to join up and join in as much as possible :-)

    Its a stand alone from the normal GGB login so you will need to register with the forum and not try login with your GGB account :-)

    To access the forum register and post please hit the menu/tab in the top nav bar.

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  • GasGasBones is pleased to announce it has teamed up with Alexander leathers In Selkirk, Scotland. GGB and Alexander leathers have products that complement each other perfectly, and moving forward we are working together on new and exciting products.

    Alexander Leathers produce an amazing range of hand crafted leather jackets and apparel. With a combined experience of over 262 years the guys at Alexander Leathers are the people to see if you are looking for a high quality, bespoke leather jacket.

    From bike jackets to modern classics, and from RAF flying jackets to the recreation of the NASA flight jackets made in collaboration with Still the Right Stuff.  Speedmaster owners, step this way!

    If you are interested in purchasing any of the jackets from Alexander leathers and wish to make an order, please email me first via my contact page.  You will be issued with a code that you will pass on, enabling you to make a choice of a free custom upgrade to your chosen jacket.

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  • The British brand 6B is one we have not written about all that much, but that’s for good reason – they just recently released their second watch. That said, the fellow behind the brand, Carl Evans, is pretty well established within the watch world. At least, when it comes to aftermarket straps, that is. Evans is the driving force behind GasGasBones, and has branched out from nylon and leather straps (and other goods), into the world of watches. His second foray, under the new brand, is the 6B MKII.

    As with the MK I that preceded it, the MK II has a lot of Evan’s own work going into it. He of course makes the straps, but he has also expanded his manufacturing skills and capabilities, which I followed with interest via social media. For the MK II, he’s now also able to manufacture the buckle (used on the nylon straps) as well as the springbar holder. I like that he is pushing to expand his skillset (and what he can offer), while building up on what he has already established as strengths.

    Please read the full review HERE →

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  • As most readers know, there’s a lot of BS in the watch business – dubious claims, hyperbolic claims of pedigree and purpose, and breathless marketing hype. But Carl Evans is the real deal. He’s the man behind the cult favorite GasGasBones straps and the fledgling watch brand 6B. There’s a lot of chatter, interest, and controversy about British watches these days but 6B, and the latest release, the MK2, side step all of that with an earnestness and honesty that’s refreshing.

    First of all, some background on Evans. He’s a retired survival equipment fitter who put in 25 years with Britain's Royal Air Force. During those years, he developed a love not only for Queen and country but also for the great planes of the RAF and the watches issued to, and worn by, the pilots. His work on parachutes, harnesses and other equipment gave Evans a skill in sewing nylon and velcro, which he put to use in his spare time making quirky tactical watch straps, first for Speedmasters and then for pretty much any other watch. What began as a pet project for his own enjoyment became a cottage industry as his GasGasBones straps became popular. Even British brand Bremont took notice and commissioned Evans to make straps for their MB series of watches.

    Please read the full review HERE →

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  • No need to be stuck with the strap that came with your new or vintage watch. Strap makers across the globe offer stylish options.

    Someone once said that when you wear a watch, eighty percent of your wrist is strap and the other twenty percent is the watch itself,” says Nick Gabarro, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based watch collector and purveyor of straps. A visit to Gabarro’s office is evidence that he lives by those words. By rough estimate, eighty percent of his office is filled with straps—in boxes, in bags, on shelves—while the other twenty percent has a few necessities like chairs and a computer.

    As watch sales continue to climb and interest in vintage timepieces grows, aftermarket straps are a way to individualize a watch and quickly and affordably change its look. New strapmakers seem to pop up almost weekly in all corners of the globe.





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  • I have invested a significant amount of time and energy getting my own GGB machined buckles up and running.Im pleased to offer my buckles with an ever expanding range of options and designs from the engraving of initials to electroplating in a range of precious metals as well as the brasses like Bronze and Copper. I can also give the buckles a bead blasted finish.



    Check out more info and pics HERE →

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