GGB featured in International Watch Magazine

No need to be stuck with the strap that came with your new or vintage watch. Strap makers across the globe offer stylish options.

Someone once said that when you wear a watch, eighty percent of your wrist is strap and the other twenty percent is the watch itself,” says Nick Gabarro, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based watch collector and purveyor of straps. A visit to Gabarro’s office is evidence that he lives by those words. By rough estimate, eighty percent of his office is filled with straps—in boxes, in bags, on shelves—while the other twenty percent has a few necessities like chairs and a computer.

As watch sales continue to climb and interest in vintage timepieces grows, aftermarket straps are a way to individualize a watch and quickly and affordably change its look. New strapmakers seem to pop up almost weekly in all corners of the globe.





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One thought on “GGB featured in International Watch Magazine”

  • Carl

    GGB was featured in IW magazine recently along with some other well known strap makers.
    Check it out by hitting the more tab above.

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