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  1. Custom made nylon watch strap for Omega Speedmaster
  2. Tudor Rose ~ Dedicated strap for your Black Bay

    Tudor Rose ~ Dedicated strap for your Black Bay


    Ive been asked a few times if I can do a dedicated strap for the Black Bay and here is the result.

    My Zero Zero strap is a best seller and I just knew that marrying up a black ZZ with maroon or blue stitch and engraved buckle would look amazing. I hope you agree this combo looks spot on ! Identical to the Zero Zero the strap features the Tudor rose engraved on the buckle and painted in either maroon or blue. 25mm wide webbing with 22mm black keepers finished with a colour coded highlight stitch.

    This strap will look just as amazing on the Pelagos too so I have added an option in the dropdown. This strap for the Pelagos will come with black engraving on the buckle and white stitch.

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  3. Custom made for your Oris watch
  4. F4


  5. GGB Black cat - Best seller
  6. Aquatimer


    No need to pay IWC prices for that replacement Aquatimer strap, the GGB Aquatimer is pretty much exactly the same and I would dare to say better made! It will of course suit many dive watches as well as other none dive tool watches. Simply attach one end via the spring bar and thread the loose end through the other end, around and attach. Available in 20,22,24mm widths and in any length for possible use over dive suit etc. Important note : If you select 24mm I will actually use 25mm, this is because 24mm is a none standard size from my suppliers. (and also hard to find consistently anywhere else) Customers note that they have no problem squishing the 25mm into 24mm but I will happily refund anyone that is not happy with the fit once tried on the watch. You will need to make sure there is a couple of MM gap between the watch case and the spring bar or tube. Be sure to try out the 360 view mode to look around the strap. IMPORTANT : I can only make a 22mm version in black Learn More
  7. Zero Zero - Best seller
  8. BRV2


    The mid size BRV in the range is this 30mm wide strap and available for 20 and 22mm lug widths. Personally I would recommend that you order this strap for 22mm lug widths as the 20mm can look a bit narrow. Visually the same as the other two BRV straps it has a slightly different webbing with a larger looser weave. Like the other two in the range, the 30mm wide pad can have the option of a coloured border stitch sewn in to match colour detail in your watch. The BRV2 comes in black only. Be sure to try out the 360 view mode to look around the strap. Learn More
  9. BRV1


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  10. SPV4 ~Earth bound NASA strap

    SPV4 ~Earth bound NASA strap


    The main body of this strap is made from 25mm loop Velcro. On top of that is sewn either 20 or 22mm nylon keeper tabs for the black but is only available for 20mm lug widths in the Tan and green.  The end of the strap is squared off by folding over the Velcro so that the fold is visible as worn.

    This strap is a scaled down version of the NASA blueprint strap V207 but with a rectangular loop instead of the D. If you dig the NASA look but don't have the space suit to go with a V207 then this strap is the perfect solution.

    Be sure to try out the 360 view mode to look around the strap.

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  11. SPV2 - Best seller
  12. Max Chat

    Max Chat

    Full spec and details at foot of the page. Learn More
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