Stuff I dont make

GasGasBones ~ NON GGB MADE

Non GGB made category brings together some great quality straps and horological accessories. From buckles, to G10s and from tie pins to watches.

I will be adding more non GGB stuff over 2016 so check back in from time to time.

I am always on the lookout for new things to add to the GGB site so if you think of something that may fit within these pages, give me a shout.  

 !!!  OPEN  !!!

After an extended closure to catch up and then take a break, GGB is now open !  I expect a rush and do not know at this stage how long I will be open before I need to snap off the ordering proccess for the next catch up phase. I suggest you be quick as I expect a rush !!  :-)  Anybody with email requests I will get back to ASAP, please do give me a nudge if you do not hear back within a few days. 

If this is your first time here, GGB is run by just myself and it is usual for me to have sporadic opening times and to have various items enabled or disabled.  I need to do this to throttle orders and keep leads times to an acceptable level. If at any time I'm closed or you find an item 'out of stock' and you would like to be notified when I open up again then please use the 'be notified' function in any of the strap pages (under item price)  This will ping an email to you the instant I re-enable ordering.

I thank everyone for their continued support and patience.   Carl 'Bones' Evans