Phoenix NATO G10

I am very pleased to stock these NATO G10 watch straps. Manufactured by Phoenix watch straps in Wales UK to military spec, Phoenix are the Nato G10 MOD supplier and issued to HM Forces here in the UK and have been doing so since 1978.

Built from high quality webbing with exceptionally strong sonic welded joints these straps are built to last in any environment. They have a solid stainless steel wire buckle guaranteeing that the strap will not fail in this critical area. From foot patrols in Afghanistan to pen pushing in the office, the Nato G10 tools up your watch to the max !

Easy to fit, easy to wash and easy to swap around. They look great and are as cheap as chips, go on add one to the cart, you have no excuse :-)

Remember, these G10 straps are Mil issue and Mil Spec. The original and best, any other similar straps to these Phoenix G10 are simply copies.


STOP !!! The Phoenix G10s I sell are the cheapest you will find anywhere but please do check for yourself. If you find cheaper let me know.  I believe in selling these for a fair price and with the offer bellow running, you would be madder than a box of frogs if you missed out on this deal.

  ***  The famous GGB B3G1F is running.. Buy any 3 PHOENIX G10 straps and receive a 4th Phoenix strap of my choice FOC. ***

Input the B3G1F and I will do the rest. This is the only code I will accept.

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 The 6B 'SCRAMBLE' as well as all off the shelf items, including Phoenix NATOs and tooling are still available to purchase.

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