Vintage Rally Timer

Vintage Rally Timer

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Here we have a beautiful piece I just created and am very proud to show you. With this unit, I was aiming for the vintage /steampunk look and I think I have met both styles half way. I hope you agree, it looks pretty darn cool !!

Constructed of aluminium, brass and steel throughout. The unit measures - Base plate dims L140mm/5.5 inches x W80mm/3 1/4 inches with actuating arm W113mm/4.5inches

The timers are designed to be actuated either at the same time, by pressing the centre T bar or independently of one another.

The clock, if desired can be fixed to your car by either using the corner screws or there is a a hole behind each timer with which a screw can pass. If you wish to display the timer on a desk then it simply rests on the stand I have made for it and is included.

I sell this unit complete with two vintage stopwatches. However, should you wish to fit your own then I have designed adjustability into the unit. You will see that the two lower bobbins for each clock are fitted in a slot. The screw at the rear can be loosened making the fitting of larger or smaller diameter timers easy. The press buttons running through the T bar are threaded so you would unscrew or screw in to balance out the buttons to just make contact with the new clock winder. You could even fit a pocket watch to this unit, though then of course the chosen sides actuator will not operate as such. however the other side will still be operable.

Units are engraved with my CED logo ( Carl Evans Design ) and each unit is individually numbered. The unit comes in its own custom box .

Designed and made at GGB HQ in the United Kingdom, this rally timer is completely unique and original in every way. You will not find anything like it !

Thank you. I truly hope you like RT1


The timers supplied with RT1 are of vintage. At time of shipping each timer will be working of course. However, I do not provide any warranty on the timers. They are sourced from different places and I do not know their service history.

Fitting to a vehicle - I have no control over how you fit this unit to a vehicle. I have provided two methods of fitting to a car. With corner bolts or with just two screws that run through the base plate behind the timers. You will need to figure out the best method for your application. This timer is in no way meant to be classed as a serious timer for rallies etc. It is more a working show piece to fit in either your classic or sit on your desk.

The timers you recieve will not be exactly as shown here ( these are mine )  I will always aim to fit British made Smiths timers however due to diiffering designs of Smiths stopwatches over the years they may come to you slighlty differant to as shown. 

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Here we have a beautiful piece I just created and am very proud to show you.

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