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Purchase 6B MK2

Purchase 6B MK2

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The MK2 is unavailable at the moment. As a one man band and dealing with very limited numbers I wanted to put the brakes on the MK2 at the half way point and concentrate on getting the MK3 ready. This is what is happening now as I prepare the MK3. 

The plan is to have the MK3 ready for sale and then re-introduce the second half of the MK2's.  I then have two models running at the same time.

The MK3 should be ready for sale around summer time and hopefully the MK2 will be re-introduced shortly after. 

6B MK2 ~ Please read the notes at the foot of this page prior to purchase. If you have come straight here expecting product info etc please follow this link to the  6B website 

 Paying in instalments. When making instalment payments please select your payment choice adding multiple amounts as required. Payments are kept safe until the final instalment at which point work can proceed on your watch. At any stage up to the point of build, should you wish to cancel the process then a full refund will be issued. On your final instalment payment please select the relevant info in the drop down menu. 

Sorry, unavailable at this time. See below to be notified of availability

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Wrist measuring guide
When measuring the wrist for your wrist size it is important to get this as accurate as you can to help save any issues with fit.

Please measure the wrist with the tape measure touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

Please do not be tempted to add any to the finished length. I build the straps around a metal wrist/Jig that I set to the wrist size you give me.

Lug-to-Lug explained

Simply measure from the centre of one spring bar or tube, across the watch (north to south) to the centre of the other spring bar or tube. This is your Lug-to-Lug measurement.

Strap Adjustment

Each gasgasbones strap is made to your wrist size. I incorporate around 10-15mm of adjustment in each strap for use between warmer and cooler days.


6B MK2 available for purchase. If you have come straight here expecting product info etc please follow this link to the 6B website

I hope you enjoyed reading about the MK2 and 6B watches. Below are some important notes and info regarding the purchase of this watch.

GasGasBones and 6B watches is one man, me! Due to my already busy schedule with my GGB stuff and the amount of work I need to put into each watch I have to have a lead time on this product.  As can be appreciated there is a significant amount of work preparing a MK2, especially as I am fitting it in among an already busy schedule. I have set the lead time to around two weeks. Because I am relying on others too ( watchmaker, ceramic coaters etc ) this lead time may fluctuate either way so please be aware this product will not ship immediately. 

The MK2 is limited to 50 total.

Important notes

1) There is a lead time with the 6B MK2. Please be aware of the Terms & Conditions prior to purchase.

2) Due to various factors the choice of LE number is not practical and you will be issued a random number. 

3) Please measure wrist carefully with a tape touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

4) While I make every effort to get the strap size spot on for you there may be times when its not quite right. You need to be 100% happy with your purchase so I will provide a new strap on an exchange basis.

5) Warranty runs from date of shipping, not date of purchase and is for one year.

6) As a small thank you to original purchasers of the first 6B, MK1 owners who wish to purchase this watch qualify for a 5% discount. Owners of the MK1 who wish to purchase please add your MK1 LE number in the box provided.

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