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As GasGasBones I have been making bespoke nylon watch straps for over ten years now and have built up an excellent reputation for producing superb quality straps. I made my first velcro strap not long after getting my first Omega Speedmaster Pro. Since then I have built up a great range of straps that are pretty much unique. They suit many tool watches and have been used on anything and everything in the past years! The name GasGasBones comes from my trials bike riding days when I used to bop about on my Gas Gas trials bike. My nickname is Bones which I have been known as since I was around 14.

From the introduction of the Bremont MB range of watches and for around 3 years after, I produced the nylon straps issued as the secondary strap included with the MB watch. Due to family commitments in late 2011 I unfortunately had to cease in manufacturing the standard MB straps. However, in 2013 I was pleased to resume manufacture of this standard strap for BREMONT along with the red stitch Martin Baker strap. The MB1 watch and strap is only ever available to to ejectees that have used the Martin Baker ejection seats to escape their crippled aircraft.  I am also very pleased to say that I designed and manufactured the strap used by Bremont ambassador Gary Connery who became the first man to leap 2400 feet and land safely without using a parachute !!

I currently produce the nylon straps for three watch companies. 

In 2011 I achieved mild WIS fame when I was contacted to do a small interview with Hodinkee watch blog. Since that date I have had further articles Hodinkee, in Watch Pro, A blog to watch, Gear Patrol and Car magazine as well as reviews on various watch forums.

In late 2013 I released my first watch, the 6B MK1 which is a military inspired mechanical chronograph. A limited edition of just 20 it sold out within three months, something I am especially proud of. The success of the MK1 has given me the confidence to release a second 6B watch, the MK2 which is available now.

GasGasBones and 6B watches is now my full time occupation but prior to this I worked at the UK tri service Rehabilitation centre at Headley court in Surrey. We look after all our injured servicemen and women that have been injured both at home and overseas. I worked in the prosthetics department making Prosthetic limbs. I still have links with the Headely Court and still go in from time to time when they need holiday cover or I just fancy a brew with some old mates.

I served nearly 25 Years in the Royal Air Force as a Survival Equipment Fitter. As a Survival Equipment Fitter I was responsible for the service, repair and rectification of man carrying parachutes, harnesses, Brake parachutes, Night vision equipment, helmet mounted sights, some ejection seat components, lifrafts and Apache flying clothing and lots more ! I did tours in The Falklands, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Afghanistan along with a ton of shorter detachments in other counties along the way.

Originally from Leeds I now live in Surrey with my wife Hilary and our two Kids. I love Motorbikes, Classic cars, playing guitars (loudly)  anything with an engine, making random “stuff” and Music. 

If you are a repeat visitor or past customer then welcome back to the all new site, I hope you like it! If you are new to GasGasBones straps then please have a good look around the site and hopefully you will find something you like. What I have on the site now are my old favourites, like the SPV and the BRV range of straps. I have also added a couple of new strap designs and new products. I will be adding even more new designs in the future so please check back from time to time. Im constantly trying new ideas, some work and make it to to the site, others come under the catogory of seemed a good idea at the time !!  I have invested in CNC machinery for the development of new products and proto testing buckle etc which you will see soon.

For now though I hope you find something you like among my pages. All my own GGB straps are handmade by myself in my own purpose built workshop here in the UK.

Carl Evans