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Flight Jackets by Alexander Leathers

GasGasBones is pleased to announce it has teamed up with Alexander leathers In Selkirk, Scotland. GGB and Alexander leathers have products that complement each other perfectly, and moving forward we are working together on new and exciting products.

Alexander Leathers produce an amazing range of hand crafted leather jackets and apparel. With a combined experience of over 262 years the guys at Alexander Leathers are the people to see if you are looking for a high quality, bespoke leather jacket.

From bike jackets to modern classics, and from RAF flying jackets to the recreation of the NASA flight jackets made in collaboration with Still the Right Stuff.  Speedmaster owners, step this way!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the jackets from Alexander leathers and wish to make an order, please email me first via my contact page.  You will be issued with a code that you will pass on, enabling you to make a choice of a free custom upgrade to your chosen jacket.

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