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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you make a strap to my own design?

    I can but please be aware that this will incur additional cost and will be more expensive than the straps in my shop. It takes time to develop a new design and prove it as a working model. Customers strap design build will start at £35 and may rise depending on time taken to develop the strap and its complexity in making.

  • I like the labels for the speedy but can you do any others?

    I possibly can but there is a minimum order of 100 labels from the company I use.

  • Do you plan on doing other colours for the SPV range?

     Yes, and now listed. Other colours coming soon.

  • GGGRRRRrrrr, my GGB strap doesn't fit. What ya going to do about it Bones?

    I will replace any strap for any reason as long as the original comes back to me totaly unworn.

  • How should I measure my wrist?

    The wrist should be measured with the tape touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly. Please double check your wrist size before ordering.

  • Can you make me a Bremont strap, I cant see it listed in your shop?

    Nope, sorry. Bremont straps are only available through authorised dealers or the Bremont Boutique.

  • Do you make the Bremont MB Nylon?

    I did do. From the launch of the MB till September 2011 I did make this strap. Any of the new MB straps with the comfort pad are not built by me.

  • Can I get my strap wet?

    My straps are made from nylon and polypropylene, basically a plastic product so yes, there would be no problem getting the strap wet. However, I would strongly advise taking great careif you are to take the strap diving. Saturating the Velcro can mean it starts to work loose. If you take the strap swimming be sure to check for stick !!

  • How should I clean my GGB strap?

    I rinse mine under warm water once in a while. I use a mild soap and agitate the strap till clean. Rinse off and stretch out the strap before leaving to dry naturally.

  • What are your buckles made from?

    Buckle loops are nickel plated steel.

  • If I send you a buckle can you sew it into a strap for me?

    I sure can. I have often sewn OEM buckles into my straps such as the B&R ones. My B&R-OEM Beef up strap is designed for just this purpose.

  • What are my postage options?

    For Uk customers you have the option of either standard first class post or recorded delivery. I would suggest a single strap first class and two or more straps to go Recorded.For international customers I would suggest the Standard airmail service for one or two strap and the Airsure for peace of mind.

  • When do you post?

    I post Wednesdays and either Friday or Saturday. Although I build through the week it is obviously inefficient to visit the PO after every build.

  • How long will I have to wait till I receive my GGB strap?

    Depends on location. States is around 5-10 AFTER posting not point of order. Europe generally around 5-7 days and UK 1-2 days after posting.

  • My strap looks a little different to the one in the pictures, why?

    My straps are evolving as I go, so the more experiences I gain in making them will result in improvements in the way I make them or the materials I use.

  • Can you bump me to the front of the que?

    Nope. straps are made in strict order they are received.

  • Do you offer a little discount for serving members of the armed forces?

    I would love to, im working out how to do this properly! Any ideas!

  • I emailed and did not get a response?

    I wont lie to ya. My admin is shocking, at best its ok! If you don't hear from me its not because im ignoring you its because you have slipped off the radar. Please email again and say something like Oi Bones, answer me or else, ggrrr !

  • Drop down menu says item in stock, does this mean it is in stock so will be posted right away?

    Nope, all Gasgasbones straps are built to order. The In stock just means I have materials and webbing to build you your strap.

  • Is it worth me me giving you my wrist size at point of order?

    Absolutely! If your wrist falls out of the measurements on the charts then please add wrist size to the notes at check out.

  • Why is my order still showing as 'processing'?

    Please remember GGB is a one man band. Due to nature of my work and being so busy this is not always a true reflection of the progress of your order. I physically do not have the time to process every order through the admin system, if I did Id never be off the PC !  Please use the contact form if you require more detailed info on your order.