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  1. Spitfire Ribs - Key fob

    Spitfire Ribs - Key fob


    These are great little add-ons for your key rings and surely unique ?? I havent seen anything similar. Propellors next :-)

    Apart from looking cool they dont actually do anything but I am working on a metal version that will come in two designs. One version will be like the wooden version here, the other will have a beer bottle opener as part of the design.

    These ones here are around 6mm and manufactured in bamboo.

    Although they are tagged as Spitfire ribs I have taken some creative licence so they are not 100% scale spit ribs ( AV geeks, no need to email me and tell me they are wrong :-)

    Measuring 115mm long. Fobs are sanded smooth and then has a wood oil applied.

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  2. Key fob - Speedy pro

    Key fob - Speedy pro


    Here is a cool little key fob for all you speedy geeks. 

    Thick brandy tan leather and measures 50mm / 2 inches in circumferance. 

    I can offer discount on multiple purchases of this product 

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  3. Lug gauge thingy

    Lug gauge thingy

    My stainless steel lug width gauge is worth having in your watch box or key fob for quick reference check against lug widths and straps. Measures lugs and straps 20, 22, 24 mm and is engraved with omega movement parts. Learn More
  4. Remove before flight

    Remove before flight

    Remove before flight warning tag In super quality thick Nylon webbing and heavy stitched embroidered wording. Complete with large split ring. Measures 12x3 cm Makes a fun flight related tag for your keys, rucksack or luggage. Easy to spot on the Carousel :-) Learn More
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4 item(s)