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    My Time


    This 'product' is for exactly as it says, you are purchasing my time or slots of time to do your work.

    In the past I have been too generous with my time doing one off jobs and not charging for the time its taken. I have even been known to do jobs for free ! I enjoy doing favours and one offs for people but its just not good business sense for me to do stuff for free ! For example, some time ago I made some clock stands which I have to design and CAD draw from scratch, this turned out to be a 2 and 1/2 to 3 hour job of which I just charged £12 of the normal clock stand ! Ive done other jobs too, repair work, engravings etc and barely charged, so this year Im determined to get a grip on of the situation!   Not only am I under selling myself, time taken has a knock on effect with all other jobs I need to do that comes through the books. I hope this makes sense and you understand my action taken to address this. 

    So from now on any 'off piste' jobs that require me to down tools and work solely on your project will incur the My Time fee.

    Time is broken down in to half hour slots of 10 GBP each, making my hourly rate just 20 GBP.  

    My Time is charged for time. It does not include materials or shipping, these are additional costs to be added to the total.

    What would you use this for ? Well, for example you may want a watch stand making and engraving similar to my LE Speedy stands. You may want me to design a strap for you that doesn't already exist or you may want a wall plaque manufactured. Maybe you want an aircraft clock stand making or a bespoke mouse mat, or even engraved brass plaques for your door or desk. These are all things I have custom made for people in the past and barely charged !!

    If you want to use this service then the first thing to do is to contact me with your requirements. I will assess the job and give you a quote. I will never over quote for a job and if I find the job takes longer than expected then I will not charge for the extra time its taken. You will never pay more than the initial quote.

    Q) what can I use this service for?

    A) Anything that you think I can make for you. A quick look on my website here, 6B watches.com and on my instagram feed will give you an idea of my work.  In my inventory I have a laser cutter/engraver, lathe, milling machine, usual hand tools, a vinyl cutter etc as well as a dedicated engraving machine. I can work with wood, laminates, plastics, aluminium and brass, nylons and leather and do lathe and milling work within the capacity of my machine.

    Q) How do you take payment for one offs?

    A) An initial quote is given and if you accept you will then pay half up front using this page. On completion of the job images will be sent to you and if you are happy then second half of My Time is to be payed before the job ships.  If you dont like the finshed job or you simply change your mind then the initial half payment is not refundable. 

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