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  1. SPV3 ~ Basic pull through
  2. Identity buckle for NATO G10s

    Identity buckle for NATO G10s


    Strap identity buckle. REVAMPED with new, dedicated buckles. Smaller, sleeker, sexier :-) 

    These have proved very popular so I have given them their own dedicated buckles that fit 20 and 22mm NATO G10s perfectly !

    Designed and conceived to be use with NATO G10 straps the identity buckle fits standard G10 straps of 20 and 22mm. Perfect as supplementary Identity for Military, fire service, pilots, Po-Po etc

    Design here can be re-jigged a little but I only have limited space, character count is around 10 to 12 depending on letters used. Please enquire before any special request. Once confirmed put in your special request in the box below and If I have any problems I will let you know and we can work something out.

    Buckle simply threads through as shown in pics and locks in place. This buckle will also fit nylon and leather NATOs from other manufacturers.

    From time to time, if your design is unusual or interesting, I may ask permission to take some snaps for social etc. It goes without saying that any private information engraved on these buckles WILL NOT be photographed and posted on social media etc.

    Buckles are manufactured here in the UK form stainless steel. 

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  3. Aquatimer


    No need to pay IWC prices for that replacement Aquatimer strap, the GGB Aquatimer is pretty much exactly the same and I would dare to say better made! It will of course suit many dive watches as well as other none dive tool watches. Simply attach one end via the spring bar and thread the loose end through the other end, around and attach. Available in 20,22,24mm widths and in any length for possible use over dive suit etc. Important note : If you select 24mm I will actually use 25mm, this is because 24mm is a none standard size from my suppliers. (and also hard to find consistently anywhere else) Customers note that they have no problem squishing the 25mm into 24mm but I will happily refund anyone that is not happy with the fit once tried on the watch. You will need to make sure there is a couple of MM gap between the watch case and the spring bar or tube. Be sure to try out the 360 view mode to look around the strap. IMPORTANT : I can only make a 22mm version in black Learn More
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