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  1. 321 engraved mouse matt

    321 engraved mouse matt


    Omegas famous calibre 321 movement engraved onto thick brandy leather.

    Matt measures a generous 250x170mm and can come with your name, brand or business engraved. ( engraving would be top right ) 

    Another unique GGB product which will last forever ! And just like all leather products, will only get better with age.

    Discount offered on multiple purchases of this product.

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  2. Apollo 11 ~ Moon plaque

    Apollo 11 ~ Moon plaque


    Apollo 11 moon plaque.

    Laser engraved on brushed stainless steel effect laser laminate.

    A one for one copy of the plaque left on the moon by the Apollo 11 crew.

    Measures 230 x 195mm 


    Please note - The bottom three images show a curved version. Yours will come to you flat, to frame and hang as you wish. 

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  3. Speedmaster vinyl stickers

    Speedmaster vinyl stickers


    Speedmaster vinyl sticker.

    Pop it on any dust free, non porous surface.

    Sticker comes cut, weeded and with transfer tape.

    To apply the sticker gently peel it from its backing, line up carefully where you wish to place it and press down with thumb/fingers. Then with a credit card gently apply more pressure over the whole sticker. Peel back the transfer tape almost completely flat against the sticker and watch carefully if any of the sticker lifts. If it does simply go back and add a bit more pressure and try again.

    Large - 220mm

    Medium - 160mm

    Available in silver, gloss black or gold

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  4. Merlin micro wallet

    Merlin micro wallet


    'The engine that won the war'  well I dont know about that statement but there is no denying the Roll Royce Merlin was and still is a pretty incredible machine and played a significant roll during the war.

    On the Merlin engine there is a brass plate with the firing order of the cylinders. Here I have engraved that firing order onto case leather. The engraving is cut quite deep giving the wallet depth and texture as can be seen from the images. The outer edge is stitched in tan and the whole wallet then given a buff up with leather polish.

    Like my other micro wallets, this is designed to take just a couple of cards for when you dont want or dont need to take out the full bulk of your usual wallet. 

    The wallet is also personalisable and can be engraved with the name of your choice. Branded 6B as its the wallet I include with the Scramble watch, you have the option of omitting that if you just want your name on the back. 

    A really lovely unique wallet that will last a lifetime to buy for yourself or give as a gift. 

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  5. Skull micro wallet

    Skull micro wallet

    Skull micro wallet Learn More
  6. Spitfire micro wallet

    Spitfire micro wallet

    Spitfire micro wallet Learn More
  7. America - bald eagle

    America - bald eagle

    Stylised American flag with bald eagle. Learn More
  8. Lug gauge thingy

    Lug gauge thingy

    My stainless steel lug width gauge is worth having in your watch box or key fob for quick reference check against lug widths and straps. Measures lugs and straps 20, 22, 24 mm and is engraved with omega movement parts. Learn More
  9. MIG Aircraft clock stand

    MIG Aircraft clock stand


    MIG Aircraft clock stand in solid grey.

    The stand features a separate screwed on plate with the serial number of your clock in Russian style font. It also has an opaque red hammer and sickle insert.

    Clock simply slides through, with the base of the clock resting on the surface. I include a small rubber disc to affix to your clock base. 

    Please use the section below to add your clocks serial number.

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  10. Wing rib bottle opener

    Wing rib bottle opener


    Another unique goodie from GGB.

    I have a rather large project on the go at the moment which requires aircraft wing ribs cutting out. I figured that if I shrank the file then they would make rather cool key fob dangly things ! I knocked up some in bamboo  ( now listed ) and posted on social media. A chap in the US said stick a bottle opener on the end and Im in !!

    So, thats what I did. I drew up multiple proto files and did lots of experiments with the opener end. I have two versions on offer, one with the bottle opener end and the other with just a rounded end.

    Fobs are made from 304 stainless steel. They are 3mm wide and 115mm long and come complete with wire ring which is unscrewable allowing you to fit easily to any of your existing fobs.

    100% UK manufactured 

    A really great product and as with a lot of my stuff, unique ! 

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  11. Spitfire Ribs - Key fob

    Spitfire Ribs - Key fob


    These are great little add-ons for your key rings and surely unique ?? I havent seen anything similar. Propellors next :-)

    Apart from looking cool they dont actually do anything but I am working on a metal version that will come in two designs. One version will be like the wooden version here, the other will have a beer bottle opener as part of the design.

    These ones here are around 6mm and manufactured in bamboo.

    Although they are tagged as Spitfire ribs I have taken some creative licence so they are not 100% scale spit ribs ( AV geeks, no need to email me and tell me they are wrong :-)

    Measuring 115mm long. Fobs are sanded smooth and then has a wood oil applied.

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  12. Remove before flight

    Remove before flight

    Remove before flight warning tag In super quality thick Nylon webbing and heavy stitched embroidered wording. Complete with large split ring. Measures 12x3 cm Makes a fun flight related tag for your keys, rucksack or luggage. Easy to spot on the Carousel :-) Learn More
  13. Copper watch stand

    Copper watch stand


    Here is a great little watch stand for all you steampunk fans.

    Manufactured from 15mm copper pipe and designed for a single watch.

    I can make these in multiple watch combinations and configurations. If you have your own idea give me a shout.

    Stands are given a high polish but are not lacquered. Over time they will tarnish but the finish is easy to maintain with a polish as and when required.

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  14. ROCKET



    Sorry, unavailable at this time. Check inside to be notified of availability.

    SOLD OUT, BUT.........

    Rocket is expensive to produce and unfortunatley I can not make these as and when an order comes through. To get Rocket made I need at least 10 names to push through with the manufacture 

     If you would like one then please let me know and I will pop you on the list. So far, 33 ROCKETS are out there !


    Some time ago I made a proto version of ROCKET and posted it on my instagram feed. It gained a lot of interest and thoughts turned to producing more of these cool desk top ornaments. 

    From that initial proto discussions then started about making a small run of these. The proto was made on my manual lathe and milling machine and I could carry on doing this. However, this method is very labour intensive and with all the best will in the world it would be hard for me to get every single one exactly the same !

    So I have had some CAD drawings and renders made and from there have taken my design  and found a machine shop willing to part make these in small numbers. 

    ROCKET is manufactured from solid aluminium and stands 145mm high. It will come to you boxed as shown. Its not based on any rocket design in particular, I just wanted a retro look and feel, hopefully I have achieved this. 

    Please look at the images I have supplied here, I think you will agree that it looks ever so cool and of course, GGB unique !

    Remember, this is all my own work and all made in the United Kingdom 

    Q) What is ROCKET ?

    A) Good question. Id just say its a super cool desk top ornament or metal art. It could be a paperweight in your office or imagine it as a bonnet ornament for your classic car :-) 


    Q) What does it do

    A) Sits on your desk looking super cool.


    Q) Its a lot of money, isn't it?

    A ) Not really. I've built it from proto to finished product. Its a unique product and in small numbers. You're paying for CAD drawing, CNC work, fees I incur from my payment gateways, tax mans cut, oh, and after all that I have to make a few quid. Price is based on all these factors. 


    Q) How many are you making 

    A) I would love to sell a 1000 :-) However, I would imagine initial batches of 10 and see how they go. 


    Q) What surface finish will ROCKET have ?

    A) As shown


    Q) Where is ROCKET made?

    A) ROCKET is designed and manufactured here in Great Britain. 


    Q) Do you make them ?

    A) ROCKET body and fins are CNC made. They will come to me in rough format which I then do some post proccess work like polish and grain and box work.


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  15. Vintage rally timer by GasGasBones

    Vintage Rally Timer


    If you wish to purchase one of these units while GGB is closed for catch up, please email 


    subject Rally Timer

    Here we have a beautiful piece I just created and am very proud to show you. With this unit, I was aiming for the vintage /steampunk look and I think I have met both styles half way. I hope you agree, it looks pretty darn cool !!

    Constructed of aluminium, brass and steel throughout. The unit measures - Base plate dims L140mm/5.5 inches x W80mm/3 1/4 inches with actuating arm W113mm/4.5inches

    The timers are designed to be actuated either at the same time, by pressing the centre T bar or independently of one another.

    The clock, if desired can be fixed to your car by either using the corner screws or there is a a hole behind each timer with which a screw can pass. If you wish to display the timer on a desk then it simply rests on the stand I have made for it and is included.

    I sell this unit complete with two vintage stopwatches. However, should you wish to fit your own then I have designed adjustability into the unit. You will see that the two lower bobbins for each clock are fitted in a slot. The screw at the rear can be loosened making the fitting of larger or smaller diameter timers easy. The press buttons running through the T bar are threaded so you would unscrew or screw in to balance out the buttons to just make contact with the new clock winder. You could even fit a pocket watch to this unit, though then of course the chosen sides actuator will not operate as such. however the other side will still be operable.

    Units are engraved with my CED logo ( Carl Evans Design ) and each unit is individually numbered. The unit comes in its own custom box .

    Designed and made at GGB HQ in the United Kingdom, this rally timer is completely unique and original in every way. You will not find anything like it !

    Thank you. I truly hope you like RT1


    The timers supplied with RT1 are of vintage. At time of shipping each timer will be working of course. However, I do not provide any warranty on the timers. They are sourced from different places and I do not know their service history.

    Fitting to a vehicle - I have no control over how you fit this unit to a vehicle. I have provided two methods of fitting to a car. With corner bolts or with just two screws that run through the base plate behind the timers. You will need to figure out the best method for your application. This timer is in no way meant to be classed as a serious timer for rallies etc. It is more a working show piece to fit in either your classic or sit on your desk.

    The timers you recieve will not be exactly as shown here ( these are mine )  I will always aim to fit British made Smiths timers however due to diiffering designs of Smiths stopwatches over the years they may come to you slighlty differant to as shown. 

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  16. Vintage Dash Clock

    Vintage Dash Clock


    My vintage dash clock make a perfect accompaniment to my rally timers. There is discount on this product if you purchase in conjunction with a Rally Timer. 

    Complete with a vintage stopwatch, each clock has four mounting holes with bolts fitted plus a centre hole behind the clock giving you the option of using that and the other fitted bolts as standoffs.

    If you have any particular requests for mounting then do let me know and I will see what I can do.

    NOTE - I source my pocket watches from various places and I will always try and fit British made Smiths clocks. However, the clock you receive may not be exacty as shown here. Please also note, these are vintage timepieces. They will be working when they get to you but I do not know their accuracy or service history. 

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  17. Parra Bellum

    Parra Bellum


    Hawkrigger has re-developed an historic design combining the same type of elastic parachute braid used by French Marine Nationale divers on their Tudor MN ’77 Submariner watches with a downsized proprietry version the their dive belt buckle.

    This watch band boasts a wearablity and asthetic that will compliment any timepiece. The Hawkrigger name is drawn from US Marine Corps parachute Riggers who are credited with the evolution of the Riggers Belt. Riggers in the military are famous for scavenging parts from standard issue kit to innovate new gear designs. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and at Hawkrigger we are firm beleivers that inspiration plus creativity and persistence leads to innovation. So just when we thought that we had made every conceivable kind of belt buckle, we stumbled across the Marine Nationale dive belt, …just like our French friends to think outside the box! This buckle really caught our imagination with its utilitarian form and function. Then we stepped outside the box ourselves not only to re-work the dive belt design for a new belt but also for a watch strap!

    Working everyday with webbing the idea of making a watch strap had come up before but it was realisation that the new buckle would make the perfect watch clasp that was massive! So just like a proper Rigger the transition from dive belt to watch strap, scavenging ideas from standard issue kit, inspired and created new gear design!

    *The Hawkrigger Para Bellum Band watch strap is an original innovation, it holds an international design registration and consequently is protected intellectual property*

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