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Parra Bellum

Parra Bellum

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Hawkrigger has re-developed an historic design combining the same type of elastic parachute braid used by French Marine Nationale divers on their Tudor MN ’77 Submariner watches with a downsized proprietry version the their dive belt buckle.

This watch band boasts a wearablity and asthetic that will compliment any timepiece. The Hawkrigger name is drawn from US Marine Corps parachute Riggers who are credited with the evolution of the Riggers Belt. Riggers in the military are famous for scavenging parts from standard issue kit to innovate new gear designs. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and at Hawkrigger we are firm beleivers that inspiration plus creativity and persistence leads to innovation. So just when we thought that we had made every conceivable kind of belt buckle, we stumbled across the Marine Nationale dive belt, …just like our French friends to think outside the box! This buckle really caught our imagination with its utilitarian form and function. Then we stepped outside the box ourselves not only to re-work the dive belt design for a new belt but also for a watch strap!

Working everyday with webbing the idea of making a watch strap had come up before but it was realisation that the new buckle would make the perfect watch clasp that was massive! So just like a proper Rigger the transition from dive belt to watch strap, scavenging ideas from standard issue kit, inspired and created new gear design!

*The Hawkrigger Para Bellum Band watch strap is an original innovation, it holds an international design registration and consequently is protected intellectual property*


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Wrist measuring guide
When measuring the wrist for your wrist size it is important to get this as accurate as you can to help save any issues with fit.

Please measure the wrist with the tape measure touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

Please do not be tempted to add any to the finished length. I build the straps around a metal wrist/Jig that I set to the wrist size you give me.

Lug-to-Lug explained

Simply measure from the centre of one spring bar or tube, across the watch (north to south) to the centre of the other spring bar or tube. This is your Lug-to-Lug measurement.

Strap Adjustment

Each gasgasbones strap is made to your wrist size. I incorporate around 10-15mm of adjustment in each strap for use between warmer and cooler days.


Parra Bellum

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