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SOLD OUT, BUT.........

Rocket is expensive to produce and unfortunatley I can not make these as and when an order comes through. To get Rocket made I need at least 10 names to push through with the manufacture 

 If you would like one then please let me know and I will pop you on the list. So far, 33 ROCKETS are out there !


Some time ago I made a proto version of ROCKET and posted it on my instagram feed. It gained a lot of interest and thoughts turned to producing more of these cool desk top ornaments. 

From that initial proto discussions then started about making a small run of these. The proto was made on my manual lathe and milling machine and I could carry on doing this. However, this method is very labour intensive and with all the best will in the world it would be hard for me to get every single one exactly the same !

So I have had some CAD drawings and renders made and from there have taken my design  and found a machine shop willing to part make these in small numbers. 

ROCKET is manufactured from solid aluminium and stands 145mm high. It will come to you boxed as shown. Its not based on any rocket design in particular, I just wanted a retro look and feel, hopefully I have achieved this. 

Please look at the images I have supplied here, I think you will agree that it looks ever so cool and of course, GGB unique !

Remember, this is all my own work and all made in the United Kingdom 

Q) What is ROCKET ?

A) Good question. Id just say its a super cool desk top ornament or metal art. It could be a paperweight in your office or imagine it as a bonnet ornament for your classic car :-) 


Q) What does it do

A) Sits on your desk looking super cool.


Q) Its a lot of money, isn't it?

A ) Not really. I've built it from proto to finished product. Its a unique product and in small numbers. You're paying for CAD drawing, CNC work, fees I incur from my payment gateways, tax mans cut, oh, and after all that I have to make a few quid. Price is based on all these factors. 


Q) How many are you making 

A) I would love to sell a 1000 :-) However, I would imagine initial batches of 10 and see how they go. 


Q) What surface finish will ROCKET have ?

A) As shown


Q) Where is ROCKET made?

A) ROCKET is designed and manufactured here in Great Britain. 


Q) Do you make them ?

A) ROCKET body and fins are CNC made. They will come to me in rough format which I then do some post proccess work like polish and grain and box work.


Sorry, unavailable at this time. See below to be notified of availability

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Due to the nature of my opening and closed catch up schedule, it is impossible for me to stick to a rigid lead time. 

Orders typicaly come through in a three day open phase making it impossible for me to then get all those orders out at a specific lead time.

I try my very best to get goods out within a couple of weeks but enevitably lead times do run over.


At checkout there is a tick box. Ticking this box means you have read and understood this lead time.  


Depending on what is in front of your order this lead time may fluctuate either way a little so please be aware of this when placing an order. 

Please also note,  for all GGB BESPOKE goods the green IN STOCK tick only means I have materials to make up your order.


When I have reached capacity and to reduce backlogs I will close off orders to all bespoke made goods but you will then have the option to be notified when I 're-stock'


Lead time does not affect 'off the shelf' items such as Phoenix NATO's and tooling which will go at the next postal run from order date   

Emails : I get a lot of emails which I struggle to keep on top of sometimes. I do try and answer in a timely manner but please give me a nudge again if I do not respond within a few days. 


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Wrist measuring guide
When measuring the wrist for your wrist size it is important to get this as accurate as you can to help save any issues with fit.

Please measure the wrist with the tape measure touching all the way around the wrist but not pulled too tightly.

Please do not be tempted to add any to the finished length. I build the straps around a metal wrist/Jig that I set to the wrist size you give me.

Lug-to-Lug explained

Simply measure from the centre of one spring bar or tube, across the watch (north to south) to the centre of the other spring bar or tube. This is your Lug-to-Lug measurement.

Strap Adjustment

Each gasgasbones strap is made to your wrist size. I incorporate around 10-15mm of adjustment in each strap for use between warmer and cooler days.



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