Welcome to GasGasBones 'lite'

I have retired from a life of strapping! sort of....

After over 15 years of making straps and over 6 years doing it full time, I have decided I need a break from doing GGB full time!

GasGasBones has been good to me and has kept me in bread ( and more) over these past years. However, Im just not fulfilled. The job doesn't challenge me anymore. I have taken GGB as far as I can as a one man band and simply havent got time or the inclination to do any more.  I have made literally thousands of straps over the years and to put it bluntly, its *&^%ing boring.

I have felt this more over the past couple of years especially and thought more and more about taking a break from it full time and to throttle it right back, almost to zero !

Also, something which is possibly more important. People that work from home by themselves all day may well understand more. Working in a shed at the bottom of the garden is somewhat isolating ! I rarely interact with people through the day and being a social sort of chap find the lonely existence of a shed dweller is sending me crazy! I have well passed the cabin fever stage :-) I dont think it does anyone any good to be isolated for too long, certainly not me !


So what now. Well Ive got myself a job, a proper job, with lots of people there!  I will be able to interact with real humans throughout the working day for the first time in 6 years! :-)  A change is as good as a rest apparently so I'm looking forward to it as its totally 'off piste' to what I have done before.  So with GGB pretty much shut, or at least only doing a couple of straps and other work when I want to,  that will also now give me time to do some fun projects for myself that I have had in mind for ages but haven't had much time to do.  GGB HQ will now become a pretty cool hobby room and I look forward to getting stuck in on fun projects for myself ! 



I'm not disappearing completely. Although the full fat gasgasbones.com website is shut down ( its 'on hold' just in case it goes shitstorm)  I will be able to make a few bits and pieces from time to time through these pages. Things I am willing to make are here in the 'straps'  and 'other stuff'  I will also still be around on instagram, and a little on twitter and FB were its always nice to chat and converse with you lovely people, so please do stick around on social :-) 


Over the time as GGB I have made many friends through this weird hobby of ours. You guys that have bought straps and other things for me have literally but bread on the table for me and my family. I cannot thank you enough for the support over the years, for putting up with my stupid opening schedules and long lead times. Thank you for supporting me on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram. Thank you to everyone that has recommended me to others on forums & tagged me in on pictures on social media etc.

Im sending you all a virtual big Bonsie bear hug. 

See you around xx


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