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  1. Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6111

    Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6111

    Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6111 The Ultimate springbar tool for serial strap changers ! This is a fantastic tool offers a 0.8mm push pin punch and 4mm wide angled fork offering great leverage capabilities. The small fork on the other side of the push pin is the standard 1mm fork as per the Bergeon 6767-F. This is considered to be the best Spring Bar tool on the market. Nickel-plated ~ knurled handle~ Gripping with chuck Length ~ 140 mm Learn More
  2. Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6767S  Standard Fork

    Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6767S Standard Fork

    Superbly engineered tool for strap changing duties. Standard fork. The F is pictured, you will receive the S. Learn More
  3. No-6767F

    Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-6767F Fine Fork

    Superbly engineered tool for strap changing duties. Fine fork. Learn More
  4. Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-3153

    Bergeon : Springbar tool : No-3153

    Springbar tool : No-3153 Due to large fork size this one is probably suitable only for leather and nylon strap changes. Learn More
  5. Bergeon : Snap case knife : No-4932

    Bergeon : Snap case knife : No-4932

    Gorgeous tool made for opening snap back watches. A real pleasure to use and own. Learn More
  6. Bergeon : Screwdriver set 3 : No-4063

    Bergeon : Screwdriver set 3 : No-4063

    Chuck your old Poundland “jewellers” screwdriver set away and use something a lot more professional ! Set of three Bergeon drivers with spare blades fitted in hard card box. 0.50mm 0.60mm 0.80mm Learn More
  7. Bergeon : Screwdriver : No-30080 G

    Bergeon : Screwdriver : No-30080 G

    Single screwdriver with spare blades. 1.4mm Learn More
  8. Bergeon : Polishing cloth : No-6719

    Bergeon : Polishing cloth : No-6719

    Bergeon : Polishing cloth : No-6719 Time to buff up your bling. Learn More
  9. Bergeon : Hand removal : No-30671-7

    Bergeon : Hand removal : No-30671-7

    SALE PRICE - If you can find genuine Bergeon 30671-7 for less I will match it. We have all been there, prising off watch hands with a rusty old screwdriver or long nose pliers ! There really is a better way to do the job, and here it is. Learn More
  10. Bergeon : Dust blower : No-4657

    Bergeon : Dust blower : No-4657

    There is nothing more horrifying than seeing a speck of dust under the watch crystal, except perhaps seeing someone wearing socks with sandals! Blast that dust and lint into oblivion with the Bergeon dust blower. Learn More
  11. Bergeon : Casing Cushion :No-5394

    Bergeon : Casing Cushion :No-5394

    Protect your case properly when fettling away. Much better than having it skidding around on the kitchen table ! Bergeons luxury Casing cushion is the perfect solution. Learn More
  12. Bergeon : Eyeglass No4 : No-2611

    Bergeon : Eyeglass No4 : No-2611

    Is that dust under your crystal ? No, are you sure ? check it out with the Bergeon Loupe ! Learn More


  14. Spring bars

    Spring bars ~ straight or curved


    High quality 316L Stainless steel – 1.8mm thick – Double shoulder with 0.80mm ends. How often do you change straps on a watch only to have a springbar go flying across the room never to be seen again ? Be prepared for the inevitable and pop a couple of these in your watch box ready to go. Price listed is for TWO spring bars and come in either straight or curved. Notes on curved bars : I would always use the largest straight spring bars I could whenever possible. Sometimes however straight bars are not an option as there would be too little gap between the centre of the bar to the watch case causing no end of grief trying to get the strap on. The solution is curved bars which in effect keeps the distance from the springbar hole to the case the same all the way around. My spring bars are very good quality, 1.80mm dia in 316L stainless steel with strong springs but it is up to the end user to ascertain the suitability of these bars for the watch and strap for which they are being purchased for.

    Learn More
  15. Polywatch


    Poly Watch Scratch Removal Paste For Acrylic Watch Glasses. Perfect for Speedmaster owners or anyone with watches with a plastic crystal. Plastic watch crystals scratch very easily with the result that they soon look unattractive and give poor visibility through to the dial. Re-placement of the crystal is either sometimes not possible or desired, especially where watches have plastic sealed cases. PolyWatch offers a very simple solution. For the first time, consumers can remove scratches rapidly and cheaply from their plastic watch crystal by carrying out an easy-to-follow "do-it-yourself" procedure. Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal. Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with great pressure at a right angle to the scratches, using a piece of cotton wool. Deep scratches need to be treated more than once. Finally, remove any remaining polyWatch with a cloth. The tube contents of 5ml is sufficient for approximately 10 uses if used as directed The plastic glass is very slightly dissolved and ground down by tiny abrasive particles. The edges of the scratch marks are then smoothed off and the cracks filled in with some of the original plastic from the watch crystal. Learn More
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