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  • G10 Mugs !

    G10 Mugs !

    I have a range of mug designs printed here at GGB HQ. One of them is the this cool G10 mug. Check the range out and if you want any custom designs doing then give me a shout.

  • GGB Forum !

    GGB Forum !

    I have integrated a forum within the GGB site. It will either be a success, or die a death! I need you ! Please feel free to join up and post as much as possible :-) Its a stand alone from the normal GGB login so you will need to register with the forum and not try login with your GGB account :-) To access the forum register and post please hit the menu/tab in the top nav bar.

  • New buckle option added :-)

    New buckle option added :-)

    Desk divers or real divers, check out the new Diver buckle added as an option on many of my straps.

  • Black Stainless steel loops now available :-)

    Black Stainless steel loops now available :-)

    After many requests I have finally got my ass in gear and stocked up on black stainless steel loops :-) Available on most of my straps as a hop up option .

  • GGB BR Keeper in stainless Steel

    GGB BR Keeper in stainless Steel

    GGB produced Stainless steel keepers for your B&R :-) Check em out ↑

  • Customer pics always welcome

    Customer pics always welcome

    Taken any nice pics of your watch and GGB combo ? I like to freshen up and add to the images on the site whenever possible. If you have taken any nice clear shots and are willing to share them please forward them on to

  • Flight Jackets by Alexander Leathers

    Flight Jackets by Alexander Leathers

    GasGasBones is pleased to announce it has teamed up with Alexander leathers In Selkirk, Scotland. GGB and Alexander leathers have products that complement each other perfectly, and moving forward we are working together on new and exciting products. Read more.

  • New buckle Hop Up options added to the site

    New buckle Hop Up options added to the site

    Kaboom and Submersible added to buckle Hop up options ! :-)

  • Spring bar tool holder !

    Spring bar tool holder !

    Weekends I take OFF from GGB and like to do my own stuff. Of course things I usually do like this tend to end up on the site anyway !

  • 6B MK2 reviewed on The Wrist Watch Review

    6B MK2 reviewed on The Wrist Watch Review

    The British brand 6B is one we have not written about all that much, but that’s for good reason – they just recently released their second watch. That said, the fellow behind the brand, Carl Evans, is pretty well established within the watch world. Read more ↑

  • 6B MK2 reviewed on Hodinkee

    6B MK2 reviewed on Hodinkee

    As most readers know, there’s a lot of BS in the watch business – dubious claims, hyperbolic claims of pedigree and purpose, and breathless marketing hype. But Carl Evans is the real deal. He’s the man behind the cult favorite GasGasBones straps and the fledgling watch brand 6B. Read more ↑


Important information for potential customers. I will be open for one week from the 29th ( Be quick, I expect a rush ! ) and closed again on the 4th sep  ( Im going on holiday ! )  I will then be back open  on the 12th Sep.  After this point I will monitor the orders carefully and use a more agressive open and close policy. I need to do this to try and keep lead times to a sensible level !

OPEN 29th Aug to 4th Sep ~~~ CLOSED 4th Sep to 12th Sep  ~~~  12th Sep onwards, open but with variable openings and closed periods!

If at any time I'm closed and you would like to be notified when I open up again then please use the 'be notified' function in any of the strap pages. This will ping an email to you the instant I re-enable ordering.

I thank everyone for their continued support and patience.   Carl 'Bones' Evans

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