I am now CLOSED to all bespoke orders and custom build equiries untill I have fully caught up !!  My sincere apologies but I desperately need to get ahead of the game!  I have a mountain of normal orders as well  watches to prepare and do not wish to compound the already long delays. If you are not aware, GGB is just one person and I struggle to keep up, especially when a single order can take a day or more to clear. It doesnt take long to fall behind !  If you are waiting on an order, Im on it and it will be made up as soon as humanly possible.

All off the shelf items like G10 and tooling can still be ordered as well as the 6B MK2 

If you want to chase up an order then Im at  please provide the last four numbers of your order.  If you would like to be notified when I open up again then use the 'be notified' function in any of the strap pages. This will ping an email to you the instant I re-enable ordering...... BE QUICK, I expect a rush ! :-) 

Waited too long, want a refund ? No Problems. Please let me know, if your strap hasnt been made and sent I will grant a full refund on your order. 

I thank everyone for their continued support and patience.   Carl 'Bones' Evans